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Powerful Exhibit Marketing


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Siskindbook110Barry Siskind is the president of International Training and Management, a full service exhibitor education company in Canada providing a wide range of products and services to help exhibitors improve their performance on and off the trade show floor. He is the is author of several books includding The Power of Exhibit Marketing. He is one of Canada’s most sought after consultants and speakers and North America’s foremost trade and consumer show expert. Visit his web site at www.siskindtraining.com.

Barry Siskind is author of The Power of Exhibit Marketing, Making Contact, the art of business networking, Bumblebees Can't Fly, Seven Simple Strategies For Making The Impossible Possible and Eagles Must Soar, Seven Strategies for Living a life With Certainly as well as over 500 original trade articles and industry reports. Siskind is one of a choice few to write the Guru reports for CEIR.

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# Article Title
1 Reducing your exhibit’s ecological footprint
2 Throw your Performance Metrics out the Window
3 Incorporate surprise into your exhibition plans
4 The value of face to face
5 ROI or ROO? Which way to measure
6 Set goals, objectives that focus, motivate, stimulate a trade show program
7 Trade show PR: A little goes a long way
8 The untapped potential of your trade show network
9 The Right Place to Exhibit – A Strategic Approach
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