As Trade Agreements To The European Union (Eu) Is Generally Regarded As

Within the EU, a violation of consumer law is considered a violation of public order and, in general, a contract is cancelled at the request of the consumer. EU consumers are protected by four directives: the European Commission is currently reviewing data transfer agreements with third countries, including Canada. The EU-Canada adequacy regime remains in place until it is amended, replaced or repealed by the European Commission. Until the European Commission does so, Canadian companies must comply with the EC`s original decision of 20 December 2001. The Consumer Rights Directive adds additional rules of conduct for merchants to protect consumers: national standards and regulations may also apply. Compliance with these rules allows for the free sale and trade of products in the EU. In 2018, services trade between Canada and the EU was estimated at $45.5 billion (72.3 billion euros). Services between Canada and the EU include transportation, travel, insurance and communications. The Canadian Trade Commission Service (TCS) helps Canadian businesses and organizations succeed around the world. The TCS includes a network of trade offices in Canada and around the world, including offices in 24 EU member states.

Intellectual property (IP) consists of industrial property (patents, trademarks, designs) and literary and artistic property (copyright). Intellectual property rights (IPRs) allow inventors, designers and authors to decide how to use their inventions and creations. Under the directive, the EU protects the type of intellectual property from piracy, illicit trafficking and counterfeiting against the acquisition, disclosure and use of trade secrets. These guidelines apply only if the consumer`s habitual residence is in an EU Member State, provided that the operator carries out his business in that country of residence or that these activities somehow end up in that country. Canada`s Trade Commissioner has offices at 24 EU sites. Trade Commissioners are ready to help Canadian businesses overcome trade barriers and other challenges, including public procurement. Please contact the trade department of Canada`s European Union Mission in if you have specific questions or if you have any problems with eu regulation or legislation. Contact the Trade Commissioner`s department for information on legislation, opportunities or potential barriers to country trade. Trade Commissioners from one of our 24 EU offices will assist you. With a single registration, the European Union trademark offers protection in all 27 EU member states.

Record a trade barrier you`ve encountered in an EU market with World Affairs Canada. Imports of certain agricultural products, such as cereals, dairy products, beef, wine, textiles and steel products, must be accompanied by import certificates issued by the competent authority of the import member state.