Bank Agency Agreement

With regard to these bank accounts, which are bank branch accounts, each borrower or its subsidiary enters into bank branch contracts, if any, collaterals and banking banks of the banking agency. . Any rating in the register reflecting the amount of an increase or reduction in the outstanding current notes of issuers submitted by a global certificate will be made by or on behalf of the Registrar in accordance with this Global Note Certificate and the current Banking Agreement on the paying agent and the bank agent. In accordance with the agreements made by the banking agency and under these agreements, the debtor grants the insured party a right of guarantee and shares of continuous collusion on all these deposit accounts and on all funds that are paid, paid, credited or held at any time in such accounts (whether in collection, provisional or otherwise) or by any other means in the possession of these financial institutions. Ownership of the current issuer`s notes only passes on the date and after registration in accordance with the provisions of the current issuing agency and the agent bank agreement. As the ceding of bonds represented by this individual note certificate, we hereafter confirm that these obligations will be transferred to the current paying body and the issuers` banking contract, in accordance with the deferral restrictions provided for in Schedule 2. This exchange is made in accordance with the provisions of the current paying agent and bank contract of issuing agents and the provisions for that purpose regarding the transfer and registration of debt securities and, in particular, free of charge, to an owner or agent, but against the compensation that the clerk may claim for any tax or other taxation of any kind that may be collected or imposed in connection with such an exchange. ..