Bcgeu Collective Agreement Lifelabs

This group will be integrated into the existing LifeLabs collective agreement and will now hear its collective voices negotiating issues such as job security and wages with management as part of a cooperative and fair process. Staff at the LifeLabs Cam Coady Building (CCB) in Surrey will join the 820 members across the country. The CWB vote included the current BCGEU/NUPGE members who are transferred from the LifeLabs Burnaby unionized laboratory to the previously non-union surrey laboratory. “We can now focus on securing a first collective agreement that gives them a permanent voice in the workplace. Given their proven colability, I am very optimistic about the future. “Our LifeLabs members will now have an even stronger voice and greater influence at the negotiating table,” said Stephanie Smith, President of BCGEU. “This victory demonstrates the continued growth of our members in the health sector and will ultimately strengthen the voice of all our 17,000 members in the health sector.” LifeLabs acquired BC BioMedical in April 2013. Following the merger, BC BioMedical employees expressed interest in being part of the LifeLabs collective agreement. LifeLabs was certified in 1999 and has a long history with BCGEU/NUPGE. “It is shocking that a company that has the unionized workers` retirement plan is fighting so hard to prevent its own workers from forming unions,” said OPSEU/SEPO Senior Vice-President/Treasurer Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida. “But our union is as tenacious as it is strong, and we will continue to fight for all LifeLabs employees who want to join us to join us.” When he came looking for a union, LifeLabs employees chose OPSEU for good reasons, said Sara Labelle, regional vice president of OPSEU 3 (Orillia, Parry Sound, Peterborough). .

“They knew that OPSEU already represented thousands of diagnostic workers,” she noted.¬†They were also aware of our record, which saw a significant increase in employment across the sector. They were therefore convinced that OPSEU was the best union to meet their needs. TORONTO, April 15, 2020 /CNW/ – OPSEU is calling for CEO Charles Brown and the entire LifeLabs management team to be held accountable for a series of mistakes and missteps – most recently, the clumsy attempt to dismiss a 35-year-old lab technician who is trying to organize her employees into a union. The worker who is trying to fire Brown and LifeLabs has actively encouraged her Toronto employees to also join OPSEU. Although she was deemed “effective” in her 2019 performance review, they told her that she had been fired on March 18, shortly after the publication of her workplace in soderatolagell. The Labour Board ordered their reinstatement until a full pension could take place.