Express Agreement And Disagreement Exercises

There are also many derivative and similar expressions: the appropriate expression for the above sentence is … Expressing disagreements is always considered honest and sometimes courageous. Dear Grade XI students: Here is the summary of the concordance and divergence in the previous discussion. To express your consent or disagreement, you may use the following terms: We may be required to express our consent or the refusal of a person`s action or attitude. So it`s much better to do it right! The notes are superb, but the exercises have some grammatical errors. 2) Ali: Everyone has the right to express their opinion. Yes I know. Here`s a whole series of phrases to “remember.” But if you take a closer look, many are quite similar and express only small details or nuances. If you get used to using them, you`ll learn what to use based on the people you`re chatting with and the level of language (or recording) you need to use.

After all, it becomes very easy… Here are some phrases you can use to accept and disagree. You should use these expressions in a discussion activity. Finish the next dialog box with your own opinion using the above expressions. 4. You`re not going to work tomorrow, are you? – . (Disagreement) (Exact) (False) Omura: I think he`s a real man for that position. 5.

Tanaka: Have you heard that Mr. Chan has been promoted to area manager? . Keiko:… Because his experience and education are great and fantastic. 2. I think she knows him. – . (Disagreement) (Exact) (False) Which of these phrases of agreement and opposition are your favorites? Which one do you use most often? What`s new to you? . 6. Odi: I think English is a very difficult language to learn. Steven: Is that what you think? You just need exercise every day and it will be very simple.

It`s always a good idea to justify your opinion. Don`t just say “I agree,” but say, “I agree because I think… (explain your reason). 7. Mother: Television has a bad influence on children. Vivi:……………………………………… It was a great party! – I could no longer agree. (Okay. (Exactly) . – It`s partly true that… – It`s true, but… I cannot agree with reservations. – It`s obvious, but…

– It`s not as simple as it sounds. – I agree with you, in principle, but… It sounds obvious, but… under certain circumstances… Sam: I`m afraid you`re wrong. It has become popular, even high-level people appreciate a lot of dangdut. – I am fully/absolutely/complete/complete/agree with you. I disagree! I don`t agree with that at all! That`s not true! It`s not true! I am not sure. At every moment of our daily lives, perhaps we must express our opinion and we should not abstain from it! 5) Mickey: Teachers should not do their homework to students. Father: That`s exactly what I think.

We should limit their time for television. 3. Bill: Do you agree that the new school regulations are disappointing? . Dea: Mm… I don`t think so. We just need more practice. IT`S COMPATIBLE WITH SOMEONE. (Be CAREFUL! AGREE should not be built with BE as a help tool!) .

It`s the worst movie we`ve ever seen. – I wouldn`t say that. (Disagreement) (Exactly) . 8. Please have a little more fried chicken. – . (Refusal.) (Exact) (False) 4) Alex: What is your opinion on the idol singing contest these days? My favorite phrases are that I agree and I don`t agree. I`ve mostly used my two favorite phrases. Not the above are new to me, but I don`t use them in my routine life.