Hines Global Income Trust Subscription Agreement

MSC Income Fund is an unlisted public enterprise development company (BDC) that focuses on the valuation of profits and capital. The company`s strategy is to make borrowing investments in mid-sized union companies, as well as equity and borrowing investments in smaller companies. “We are still navigating the real and potential long-term effects of the pandemic will have on our business,” Hines Global Income Trust said in a statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission. “However, we have invested in high-quality, well-leased assets that use modest leverage in markets that are positioned for value preservation and security of failures, and we believe our globally diversified fund is well positioned to meet this challenge.” The Board of Directors of Hines Global Income Trust Inc., an unlisted real estate investmentTrust, reported as of August 31, 2020, for its Class T, Class S, Class D and Class I common shares, a net inventory value per share of $9.82 for its Class T, Class S, Class D and Class I common shares. Hines Global sets a new net inventory value (NAV) per share each month. The transaction price is generally the NAV per share determined at the end of the previous month. Shares are generally offered at the transaction price, plus pre-sale commissions and trader management fees. Hines Global may adjust the transaction price to a price that it believes reflects the NAV per share of these shares more appropriately than the previous month`s NAV per share, including updating a previously disclosed transaction price, in cases where Hines Global Income Trust believes there has been a substantial change in NAV per share since the end of the previous month. The transaction price for each class of Hines Global common shares presented above was set at November 31, 2020, the price at which eligible withdrawal claims submitted for repayment in accordance with the terms of Hines Global`s share withdrawal program are collected is set for November 30, 2020, subject to an applicable holding discount of 5% for shares that have been pending for less than a year and restrictions on the share withdrawal program described in The Hines.

The global prospectus. The Board of Directors of Hines Global may, at its sole discretion and without the shareholder`s consent, modify, suspend or terminate our share withdrawal program. Shares issued on December 1, 2020, pursuant to Hines Global`s rFP, will be issued at the transaction price. The Board of Directors may, for whatever reason, amend, suspend or terminate the PRP after a 10-day period has expired. Portfolio holdings and sector concentration may change. Past performance cannot guarantee comparable future results. The background video is only used for illustration; The properties represented are not owned by Hines. Click here to visit the sponsorship page of the DI Wire directory.