Iron Mountain Customer Agreement

Additional application group device. Creating additional application groups beyond the initial installation, once the customer has been moved to production; or beyond the basic offer of 3. Preparing the document every hour. These include additional actions implemented during the preparation of the document that were not expected as part of the pre-defined co-decision procedure for the work agreed with the client. This may include copying or repairing damaged documents. The fee is charged for the time it takes to complete the service and rounded up to the next 15-minute step. Linear feet/feet/footage (LF). The unit of measurement for determining storage and service costs in the Open Shelf format. The linear measurement of the feet includes storage space based on the shelf assigned to a customer based on the original records, as well as the growth in file volume. Linear films assigned to a client do not vary due to temporary or permanent withdrawals, unless the client completes a file consolidation project to reduce the radius assigned to the program. Images on the media. The images are written on a CD, DVD or film and delivered to the customer. Search Charge.The additional service provided if a data center specialist cannot find an item immediately due to false or limited metadata provided by the customer when ordering.

This service is charged per search. The command. A request from the customer for the service related to his records. Multiple service requests received at different times can result in multiple orders, even if services are provided on the same site, if the Dispatcher Iron Mountain dispatcher cannot combine orders due to time or type of service. Electronic Payments – Any payment from a customer to Iron Mountain by electronic transfer (EFT) either by credit or debit card, direct payment, debit, transfer, transfer, digital wallet or ACH (automated clearing house). The service of creating and distributing an annual inventory report for debtors who are designed to receive this information. In order to avoid the cost of this service, customers can obtain the information themselves through the Iron Mountain Connect Reporting Centre. Rush Delivery – After the end of the day. A service in which Iron Mountain makes a quick payment of deposits to a customer if the order was received after 3:00 p.m..m or before 8:00 a.m. .m local time on a business day. The delivery service is scheduled for delivery no later than four (4) hours after the contract is awarded.

This delivery plan is subject to non-40 (40) order items and delivery destination of no more than thirty (30) miles of road from the Iron Mountain facility. Applications outside this condition may be considered a specific transport request. Administration fees: A monthly fee per account for maintenance and management services related to each customer account. Maintenance and administration services include information such as the availability of 24/7 call centers, Iron Mountain Connectâ„¢ and report center standard reports. Indexing the image. Add the indexes set by the customer to the scanned images. Autopay – Automatic payment of a debitor`s bill from your credit card, debit card or bank account code. A record management tool that allows the customer to manage/prevent the provision of data sets for boxes, services, registration services or accounts. See data code and retention schedule.

Various services. Fees for services requested by a customer that are not specifically described and provided in the customer`s pricing plan or in the Additional Services section on this site. Different services are charged at the customer`s contract rate. See work. Encryption of removable media. All customer information published on removable support devices created in DCS (Document Conversion Services) Iron Mountain Imaging Centres (Document Conversion Services) is encrypted.