Lease Agreement Important Points

2. Limitation of occupation. Your agreement should clearly state that the rental unit is only the residence of the tenants who signed the lease and their minor children. This guarantees you the right to determine who lives in your property – ideally the people you have checked and authorized – and to limit the number of inmates. The value of this clause is that it gives you the opportunity to dislodge a tenant who, without your permission, moves to a friend or relative or submits to the unit. – Unless indicated in the contract, death does not terminate the lease. 1. Name of all tenants. Any adult who resides in the rental unit, including both members of a married or unmarried couple, should be designated as a tenant and sign the lease. This makes each tenant legally responsible for all conditions, including the total amount of rent and the correct use of the property. This means that you can ask one of the tenants for the full rent legally, if the others can jump or not pay; and if a tenant violates a significant term of the contract, you can terminate the tenancy agreement of all tenants with this tenancy agreement. Each tenancy agreement must clearly define who the owner is and who the tenants are.

They should be mentioned under the legal name to ensure that the lease can be legally executed. By listing the people by name, you can legally legally match them to the agreement. Without a name, it will simply indicate landlords and tenants without properly defining them by name, and it cannot be executed. The landlord`s landlord, z.B a property manager, must sign and date the lease. Tenants must also sign and date the lease. Make sure all tenants over the age of 18 sign and date the lease. These tenants should all be mentioned in the “parties” clause of the tenancy agreement. Even if you have already listed the tenants by name, you should also have a place for other residents. You want to list all the children who live in the accommodation but who are not in the rental agreement.

In addition, you should literally have in the rental that describes what can happen if someone who is not listed in this area occupies the space for a certain period of time. Another important element of a tenancy agreement is that it should have the rent amount as well as the conditions. The different conditions you want to include are: Any lease agreement must indicate between whom the contract is concluded. In the case of a rental agreement, this contract applies between the lessor and/or the broker of the lessor and the tenants who will occupy the property.