Library Use Agreement

To start your Internet session, please read our Internet Station user contract below. The use of this computer shows your agreement on the following: I understand that non-compliance with this agreement may result in the loss of library privileges, up to a permanent violation of all facilities of the Phoenix Public Library. The library has no control over information received via the Internet and cannot be held responsible for their content or accuracy. Unacceptable use includes: the use of personal software. The use of jobs for illegal, enforceable or criminal purposes or in search of access to unauthorized areas. Try to modify or unauthorised other people`s files, data or passwords, or gain unauthorised access to a computer system – Violation of copyright laws or software licensing agreements – Infiltration or attempt to undermine software or hardware security devices installed by the library on its Internet workstations. Install or attempt to install viruses or other programs designed to damage or modify software on workstations, on the local network or on the Internet, or to seek unauthorized access to a computer system. Send unwanted advertising material or spamming. “Bad presentation than other users.” Try to change or access other people`s files, passwords or data. Consequences of Internet Use Violations – Users who violate the library`s guidelines and guidelines on Internet use will revoke their rights to the Internet.

Repeated violations result in the removal and removal of internet access permits from the library for 60 calendar days. Once the blocking is complete, users have the right to resume Internet use on the condition that they comply with library guidelines. Misuse of a computer or program is not acceptable. Offenders may have to leave the library. Customers who use the library`s internet workstations for illegal purposes are subject to criminal prosecution. Vandalism or theft of library property is illegal and is reported to the police. Repeated use of the Internet results in a permanent loss of internet privileges, subject to a complaint to the Library Board. Library rules are in place to ensure that materials and space for years to come are respected and preserved.

Please read the following with your child and indicate your consent under this directive on the back-to-school form before the start of the school year. Once we have registered this form, your (ren) child (ren) can check the books in the library. The Stephen and Sheila Lieberman Library, Children and Grandchildren Library is a centre of learning and discovery where students and teachers can find books of pleasure and resources to expand their knowledge on a wide range of topics. The library houses a unique collection of Jewish sources as well as a wide range of fiction and fiction books. By registering for computer time, customers recognize the terms of this agreement and agree to abide by this agreement. I agree to use the Phoenix Public Library computer responsibly and follow all the rules regarding the limited time of the computer. I will not use the Internet for purposes prohibited by federal, regional or local laws or regulations.