Master Agreement For Independent Study

Updated july 31: The CDE FAQs in #16 specify that an AEA offering an independent curriculum must ensure that the legal distance education requirements listed in SB 98 are met in order to avoid review sanctions and to fail to comply with the requirements of independent education under Article 5.5 of the Education Code. It is just a reference document. The information provided is not legal advice. The CCIS strongly recommends that they contact their lawyer or accountant before responding to the information contained in this report. Three follow-up questions about this new information: 1) Should daily live interactions be daily with the same teacher? I have a kindergarten class in my school, and we were hoping that the two teachers could exchange live zooms with both classes. 2) Do daily live interactions apply to our families, which we learn completely from home before closures? We have a classroom-based program based on IS, which has both hybrid classes (on campus 2-3 days a week) and home classes (every day at home). 3) Will you edit the above article to address this new information? With respect to the CDE FAQ #16 in the link above, what does this have to do with any change with Independent Study with respect to daily live interaction and interaction data on synchronous and asynchronous contacts? CCIS wanted to provide a resource to verify the differences between independent Study and the new SB98 distance learning requirements Hello CCIS. I write to ask very important questions about the logistics of independent studies during the Covid 19 pandemic. My name is Joan Weidmann, and I am the ISIS General Teacher for the ABC Unified School District. ABC begins the 2020-2021 school year with a purely virtual learning platform. As direct contact will be very limited, I am concerned about how I get the necessary signatures. Especially on the master`s contract.

At the last CCIS conference in Irvine, it was not known whether electronic signatures were legally acceptable.