Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement Singapore

An effective confidentiality agreement (NDA) can help protect your company`s intellectual property from transfer to third parties. As a resource for the community, we have prepared a form of reciprocal NDA at Cooley GO for use by Singaporean companies. This reciprocal NOA requires both parties to treat the other party`s information confidentially and can be used when both parties exchange confidential information. A single nDA is more appropriate if you share information, but the other page does not share its confidential information with you. You can generate a unique NDA here. It is a simple reciprocal (or bilateral) confidentiality agreement that defines the conditions under which each party treats the other party`s information confidentially. It was designed to be fair to both parties and allow for a simple signature (without lengthy negotiations). If the object for which the information is exchanged is very sensitive or if it has unique aspects, you should consider whether an agreement on belts and tooth clippings may be necessary. For more information on protecting your company`s intellectual property, see Creation and Protection.