Nyseg Payment Agreement

You can use a licensed pay agent to personally pay your NYSEG bill. Licensed payroll agents are located at any Walmart or Kmart site and can process the payment so that they are booked into your account the next business day. You accept cash, cash instructions or debit card payments with access to the PIN (some may also accept cheques). However, remember that they charge a comfort fee for their services, which may vary depending on the location. There are different payment assistance programs for people who have difficulty paying their bills due to low income, medical difficulties or other reasons. If you want to pay by credit or debit card, note that NYSEG uses a secure third-party service to process credit/debit card payments called KUBRA. You can pay online, on the KUBRA website or via the NYSEG website (which takes you to KUBRA). KUBRA accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and bank and bank cards with the Pulse or STAR logos. Note that KUBRA charges a processing fee of $2.95 for payments up to $5,000 and payments over $5,000 (up to a maximum of $25,000). These service charges will be charged to your credit card and not to your NYSEG, as it is not NYSEG, but KUBRA that receives the bill. New York State Electric and gas customers who are facing the outage due to non-payment, could now have a second chance at NYSEG officials announced Wednesday. The new match interest payment program – provided by the NYSEG and the American Red Cross Southern Animal Chapter – will assist NYSEG customers in the event of an energy emergency in the company`s upstate service area. The new program provides grants of up to $600 to eligible customers who are facing a service separation due to non-payment and will adjust up to $400 for any additional payments made by customers to overdue amounts.

Eligible clients are those with household incomes of less than 8% above the Home Energy Assistance Program`s income policies. “The implementation of this new program through the strength of our existing partnership with the Red Cross will benefit our customers as we enter the heating season,” said Jim Laurito, President and Chief Financial Officer of the NYSEG. “In particular, the new matching program will provide long-term financial benefits to NYSEG clients who are able to make additional payments to the NYSEG beyond the initial grant.” NYSEG committed $500,000 for the effort. For more information, see nyseg.com and click “Your Account,” then “Pay Your Bill,” then click “We`re here to help,” then click “Service and Support.” To apply for the program, contact the local chapters of the Red Cross. Call 1-888-315-1755 to enter into a special payment agreement if you think you cannot pay your NYSEG bill or if you have already received notice of the service. To register with Autopay, you must submit an online form or fill out the form on the back of your NYSEG invoice payment system. Once you have been successfully registered, your bill shows the date on which your payment is deducted and your payment shows “AUTOPAY” in the “Amount Paid” field. To make a payment by phone, call 1-800-600-2275. Note that NYSEG accepts payments from your savings account. You must use the kubRA secure third-party service to pay by credit/debit card. Call NYSEG Customer Support at 1-800-572-1111 if you need help making your payment through KUBRA. However, make sure you always have enough money in your account to cover your bill, so that a payment can`t be made and the money charges aren`t charged enough for you.