Pca Agreement Singapore

2. Therefore, the parties agree to cooperate and contribute to the fight against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery by fully and at the national level respecting their obligations under international treaties and agreements on disarmament and non-proliferation, as well as other applicable international UNITED resolutions and conventions. The parties agree that this provision is an essential element of this agreement. 1. The parties agree to cooperate in the health sector to improve health conditions, including areas of major communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, avian influenza and other influenza, potential human pandemics and major noncommunicable diseases and their risk factors, including information sharing and cooperation in early detection, prevention and control, as well as through international health agreements. (e) promote the full and timely implementation of international health agreements, such as the International Health Regulation and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. For more information on application procedures and requirements for Singaporean citizens and PRs entering Malaysia under the CPA, please visit the Malaysian Immigration Office website at www.imi.gov.my/portal2017/index.php/ms/sumber-dan-arkib/pengumuman/1833-malaysia-singapore-border-crossing-arrangement.html. For any questions regarding entry into Malaysia under the PCA, please contact the Malaysian Immigration Department. (c) a dialogue in the field of aviation with a view to enhanced cooperation on aviation policy and joint actions in the field of air services, including through the negotiation and implementation of agreements. The parties will continue to strengthen their relations and, if necessary, consider the creation of a future comprehensive air services agreement. In addition, where this is beneficial to both parties, the parties will strengthen technical and regulatory cooperation in areas such as aviation safety, aviation safety, air traffic management, including greening air traffic management, enforcement of competition law and economic regulation of the aviation industry to support regulatory convergence and remove barriers to activity and strengthen dialogue on environmental issues in the aviation sector, such as the use of market-based instruments to combat global warming, including the emissions trading system. On this basis, the parties will explore the possibility of even closer cooperation in the field of civil aviation; 4.

The parties agree that the term “appropriate measures” in this article, for the purposes of correct interpretation and practical application of this agreement, means the suspension or non-compliance of the obligations arising from this agreement or a specific agreement covered by Article 9, paragraph 2, and Article 43, paragraph 3, or any other measure recommended by the Joint Committee.