Relying Party Agreement

7.4 Cases of force majeure and vulnerability to the internetSin the delays or omissions of one of the parties in the performance of an obligation of this agreement, it is appropriate to excuse the fact that such a failure or delay is caused by events that are not subject to the proper control of that party, including the acts of God, storms, hurricanes , earthquakes, riots, wars (declared or not), sabotage, interruption or failure of telecommunications or digital transmissions, slowdowns or outages on the Internet, power outage and any other cause that cannot reasonably be foreseen or controlled by that party. Each party recognizes that the Internet is made up of a set of networks that are prone to errors and errors. Under no circumstances is any of the parties responsible for such errors or errors, or as a result of those errors. If the above checks are done by software, OISTE disclaims any responsibility for any error when checking the software. 4. In accepting this contract, the confident party recognizes that the certification services provided by WISeKey are subject to the OISTE certification declaration. Unreasonable confidence 5. In cases where reliability is not reasonable, trust invokes its own risks and therefore waives all guarantees offered by OISTE, WISeKey or any other organization that is part of the OISTE GLOBAL TRUST MODEL. Intellectual property rights 6.

In accordance with the OISTE Declaration on the Practice of Certifications, all intellectual property rights, including copyright in all certificates, certificate lists, CSO certificate status statements, certificate lists and, unless otherwise, all practices, directives, operating and security documents relating to the GLOBAL TRUST MODEL (electronic or other) as well as agreements related to the GLOBAL TRUST MODEL (electronic or other) , belong to OISTE and remain. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the use of this material protected by the confident party is limited to the assessment of whether or not an appropriate appeal is appropriate. This expressly excludes use, access, download, copy, 7. or reproduction by third parties and excludes any publication, dissemination, modification, creation of derivative works, compilation, aggregation, leasing, transfer, assignment, assignment, sub-licensing or similar action by the trusted person or by a third party, whether done manually, electronically or by another direct or indirect method, for example.B. who performs such acts. Liability limits and disclaimers 8. Liability Limits: The liability exclusions and liability clauses of the OISTE Certification Practice Statement apply to all claims arising from certificates and certification services provided by oISTE, WISeKey and authorized third parties. The above limitations apply to any liability, whether based on contract, unauthorized act (including negligence) or any other theory of liability, including direct, indirect, special, punitive, exemplary, consecutive, abandonment figures or incidental damages. 9. Permanence: if a part, phrase, clause or phrase of that agreement is declared invalidated or unconstitutional by a competent court, that disability or unconstitutionality does not affect the validity or constitutionality of another section, sentence, sentence, sentence, sentence or sentence of that agreement.