Sale Agreement Registration Fee In Kerala

The rate of stamp duty depends on the price of the luxury apartment in Cochin. The sale value of the property must not be less than the fair value of the land established by the government. The government determines the fair value of the property and the value is revised from time to time according to the budget. Panchayat, municipality or corporate estate. A person must make several critical financial decisions in his or her lifetime. One of the most important investments and the decision is the purchase of a home. Buying a home is like an important step. Imagine you were buying a property in the land of God – Kerala. Sounds great, doesn`t it? As a hub for commercial and residential land, land is in demand in Kerala. However, before a significant investment can be made, a thorough market analysis is required to avoid financial failures. Kerala`s real estate registration can be completed by the Kerala registration department by applying the appropriate procedure.

The land registry process in India is governed by Section 17 of the Registration Act of 1908. All transactions relating to the sale of real estate should be registered to ensure the transfer of a property of its own to the owner. The Registration Department of Kerala manages the registration or transfer of real estate in Kerala. In this article we look at the online procedure for registering kerala real estate with stamp duty. Now you need a deed of sale that you can easily conceive by a professional and sagacious person to get an error-free act. Buying a property is a crucial decision, as is the registration process. The registration process is well defined and is subject to some important documents and formalities that must be followed. If you follow all the steps above, you can easily register your property in Kerala. Step 25: Include two people who will be witnesses when the document is registered. If you have decided to buy a country in Kerala, it means that the land purchased will always remain with you as your fortune. So you need to be very careful and careful during every step of the registration process in Kerala country.

In addition, you need to understand the rules and regulations established by the Kerala government ministry for basic registration in Kerala so that you can carry out the entire registration process without stress.