Trade Act Agreement Countries

The biggest part of understanding what is GAA compliant is knowing what you need to be careful about so as not to do business in a place that violates your GSA terms and conditions. The main countries you need to monitor are China, Russia, India and Malaysia. These countries are all on the non-compliant list and can pose many problems to their business if you try to sell products or services from those countries through a GSA calendar. If your products are made entirely in the United States or if 50% of your product comes from a particular country, don`t worry. b) supply of finished products. The contract agent found that the WTO ACCORD and free trade AGREEMENTs apply to this acquisition. Unless otherwise stated, these trade agreements apply to all items in the calendar. Under this contract, the supplier only supplies finished products manufactured or designated in the United States, unless its offer indicates the delivery of other finished products in the “commercial contract certificate” provision. The VA is responsible for the Federal Supply Schedules (FSS) related to health. There may be some cases where some health products needed to save lives are only manufactured in countries that do not comply with the AAT, including China. You must obtain a waiver of the TAA from a contract agent before you can add non-TAA-compliant products to your schedule. The letter states that the product is necessary and provides for a waiver of the TAA for a specific contract or task.

Sometimes a product requires assembly in several countries or has components from different countries; TAA compliance becomes more cranky and it is necessary to determine where the product is substantially processed. When a product is manufactured in different countries, the final product must be “essentially redeveloped” in a given country. A substantial transformation would be the transformation of an item into a new article and another trade item with a name, character or other use than the original article. (see FAR 25.001 (c)) There are no exceptions for Cisco. You can reach them directly. Here are some links that can help: The Trade Agreements Act (TAA) was created to promote fair international trade with certain designated countries. Companies that work with foreign products or services need to know which companies are limited to comply with taA and GSA.