Vpn Agreement

We reserve the right to make changes to our user agreement. In this agreement, “YOU” refers to the user/customer of bvpn.com`s VPN service. The term “WE” or “OUR” refers to bvpn.com service itself. State faculties, staff and licensed students can enjoy the benefits of a VPN, which is a “user-administered” service. This means that the user is responsible for selecting an Internet Service Provider (ISP), coordinating the installation and installation of the necessary software. You agree that our service will be made available to you without any force. We are not responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential damage, inconvenience, damage or loss or profit that may result from the use of our services. b.VPN does not reimburse fees you have already paid or owed. Given your use of the site, we are committed to offering you the best VPN service with optimal privacy and minimum downtime. We are not responsible in any form or form for any damage (realized or not) resulting from the use, use or use or use of a bvpn.com service for a registered user. In any event, bvpn.com is never responsible for financial damage that goes beyond what the user paid bvpn.com. 8.

ITS reserves the right to configure the VPN hub to limit connection times to normal opening hours or proven requirements. VPN access is controlled by authenticating identifiers and passwords. For faculty, staff and students, the ID is their unity ID and password. We cannot guarantee your Internet connection speed. We also cannot guarantee that you have an interrupted Internet service caused by your Internet service provider. This is because we have no control over how the Internet works in your neighbourhood. 3. The dual tunnel (split) is NOT allowed; Only one network connection is allowed. b.VPN respects the privacy of its customers, so that any information you voluntarily provide, as you request through registration and payment forms, is not reported to third parties unless you violate the company`s terms of use and privacy policies or violate local or international laws.

These details are only available to bvpn.com directors and will not be disclosed. Derogations from this directive must be approved in writing by the STI. 6. All computers connected to networks inside TRUMAN via a VPN or other technologies must use properly configured antivirus software; this includes all personal computers.7. VPN users are automatically disconnected from the TRUMAN network after thirty minutes of inactivity. The user must then reconnect to restore the connection to the network. Pingsor other artificial network processes should not be used to keep the connection open. This policy applies to all NC State Faculty, Staff and Students who use a VPN to access the NC State network.